"What you flaunt is what people will expect of you;Even if what they expect of you is simply not true.If you want to keep who you are or what you have a secret;Then manage what you have wisely and live very discreetly." "Don't Flaunt It" From the book, 'Perspective: Lessons from the Journey' by Nicole A. Jones

EnProse Books (pronounced in-prose) is a private publishing company that was formed to exclusively publish and promote the literary works of Dr. Nicole A. Jones, as an author, writer, creator, composer, and producer. From her books, family games collection, and music, EnProse Books is responsible for publishing and managing them.

Since our inception, our mission has been to maintain an established reputation of producing and promoting works that build up communities, cultures, and citizens rather than destroy them. We endeavor to ensure the creations we make available to others are well-written with inspirational and enlightening content and clean, wholesome, and well-rounded morals. 

EnProse Books is committed to promoting and influencing the development of better generations and the creation of new histories one storyline at a time.