"If one day you experience a problem that comes right out of the blue...A problem that comes in addition to the other things you have to do...A problem that feels so painful and unwarranted until you wonder what you did wrong...And though you love and trust God, it has you confused and discouraged all day long...
Just know, concerning that problem, it is not punishment.  It really does not belong to you.God has a special assignment ahead, and He chose to use you and will tell you what to do.
Take note of your feelings; learn of the resolve. The problem will not last;For you will soon uplift the person with the same problem whom God will lead in your path.
"Not My Problem" From the book, 'Perspective: Lessons from the Journey' by Nicole A. Jones

Dr. Nicole is a writer, entrepreneur, and esteemed author of a collection of fiction and non-fiction books.  

Dr. Nicole started writing as an outlet to relieve herself of the pain after the loss of her dad but over time had accumulated hundreds of writings in the form of poems, songs, and journals. When asked, what makes her writings so unique, she says, “I am not a distant writer. I walk through the storms of life with my eyes open. I not only know what fear, pain, anxiety, and hurt feel like, but I also know what they look like. Despite the boisterous winds, rain, and dark clouds, I write. I write through my tears because I know that in the end, I will not only have the ability to relate but also have the ability to explain the measures I took to get out of it.”

She adds, “I am not a storm chaser. I do not go looking for storms, but if I happen to become caught in one, I try to benefit from it.” She concludes, “Personal failures and personal difficulties can be outstanding resources in our lives, but it is the way we employ them that determines if we excel forward or remain stagnant.”

Dr. Nicole earned her Doctorate and Master's degrees in Business Administration and her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. During her spare time, Dr. Nicole enjoys reading, writing, participating in community outreach activities, and spending time with her family.


Dr. Nicole's books are clean, easy-to-read tales that are both high-quality in message as well as material. They are captivating narratives full of three-dimensional characters and illuminating lessons. 

Though some are faith-based books for adult and young adult audiences, Dr. Nicole's books are primarily children's books that are designed for children and parents or caregivers to read, hear, and discuss together. Her books frequently contain terms (or a term) situated throughout her stories that help expand the young reader's vocabulary while also promoting engaging dialogue between younger and older readers. 

Dr. Nicole's books recreate a better world through positive and uplifting messages. They are compelling tales, with family-friendly storylines that are enjoyed by an array of readers. 

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