Dr. Nicole is a passionate lyricist, composer, and producer of dozens of inspirational, soulful, and uplifting songs. She invests ‘sound perspective’ into every song she composes. Dr. Nicole aims to ensure her lyrics have inspiring messages that give insight for the journey ahead and always lead to a victorious outcome. 

Dr. Nicole has collaborated with talented artists, musicians, producers, and engineers throughout the world to produce several of her songs into superior inspirational music.  When asked how she ended up in the music industry, she responds, "Sometimes a passion chooses you. You are not in pursuit of it; it seeks you out as the suitable person to represent it.” She adds, “Every song starts with a sound, and the sound finds you and speaks to you. The lyrics are simply an interpretation of a sound the writer hears” She shares,” Good writers are always the first recipient of every song they compose. Even, if a song reaches no one else, when they hear it and the music touches them, then that song has accomplished its purpose with them. A song has a voice and requires proper articulation," she interjects.

Regarding her collaborations, Dr. Nicole states, "I do believe in collective intelligence. Talent is dispersed all around us and sometimes we must search beyond what’s apparent to find the talents in people hidden throughout the earth. We rely on each other’s’ talents for our songs to live. The deliverer of the message is just as important as the person who prepares it," she adds. "As much as I may love the sound of a song, even as the writer, I may not always be the best deliverer of that song to the masses, so the appropriate artists and the appropriate collaborations with others are intricate to the fertility of the song.”

"The words of a good song are food for an empty soul!" she emphasizes. "It is palatable. Even as you write it, you can taste the impact of it, and it satisfies." Comparing a good song to a good meal she states, "You know a song is good when you can feast on it before it's plated. Even without the musical arrangements and engineering, it is still enjoyable," she concludes.

Dr. Nicole's musical works can be heard on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music platforms.