Books are the communities we create. When we write cleaner stories, we see cleaner communities. -Dr. Nicole A. Jones


Dr. Nicole's books are clean, easy-to-read tales that are both high-quality in message as well as material. They are captivating narratives full of three-dimensional characters and illuminating lessons.

Though some are faith-based books for adult and young adult audiences, Dr. Nicole's books are primarily children's books that are designed for children and parents or caregivers to read, hear, and discuss together. Her books frequently contain terms (or a term) situated throughout her stories that help expand the young reader's vocabulary while also promoting engaging dialogue between younger and older readers.

Dr. Nicole's books recreate a better world through positive and uplifting messages. They are compelling tales, with family-friendly storylines that are enjoyed by an array of readers.

Dr. Nicole's books are available on and Google Play.